KITAP services

Conversion KITAS to KITAP

KITAP is indeed difficult to obtain, but when you get it, you will get significant benefits including:

  • Bank account
  • Credit card
  • Loan
  • Indonesian ID
  • Local driver’s license
  • If you are married to an Indonesian citizen, then you will be eligible for a joint ownership property

Foreigners legally married to an Indonesian can convert their KITAS into a KITAP after two years of marriage. Your spouse will be the sponsor of your KITAP.

An investor, director or commissioner in an Indonesian Company can apply for the KITAP once they have been working  for five years.

The requirements for applying KITAP :

  • Your passport
  • Your KITAS
  • Sponsor letter
  • Indonesian ID (KTP) of your sponsor
  • Tax obligation main number (NPWP)

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